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Fenwick Island
Unframed: $34.95
Framed:   $135.00
Shown in Rustic Blue

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Another of Delaware's renowned "Quiet Resorts," this barrier island lures avid fishermen, bird watchers, and vacationers seeking an idyllic haven. Its 87-foot-tall Fenwick Island Lighthouse was completed in 1859 to guide sailors past the island's notorious shoals. Fenwick's breathtaking sunrise over the ocean is rivaled only by its equally beautiful bayside sunset.

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Designed by Aurelio Grisanty. Posters measure 18" x 24". Have your signed poster shipped with or without a frame. All materials are made in the U.S. Our wood frames are light, lasting, and easy to hang. Choose from six colors: Rustic White, Rustic Green, Rustic Blue, Primary (Navy) Blue, Primary Red, or Primary Yellow. For help choosing a color that best suits your poster, please email us.

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