Beach Town Posters

Historic Georgetown, DE
(Limited Edition of 250)
Unframed: $95.00
Framed:   $195.00
Shown in Rustic Blue Frame

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Georgetown is a small town located in Sussex County, Delaware. The center of town is built around a large circle, surrounded by the State Hall, county buildings and the courthouse. Every two years Georgetown hosts a parade and festival two days after election day called "Return Day".

Poster Details

Designed by Aurelio Grisanty. Posters measure 18" x 24". Have your signed poster shipped with or without a frame. All materials are made in the U.S. Our wood frames are light, lasting, and easy to hang. Choose from six colors: Rustic White, Rustic Green, Rustic Blue, Primary (Navy) Blue, Primary Red, or Primary Yellow. For help choosing a color that best suits your poster, please email us.

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