Nags Head, NC

Brobot Rock

According to descriptions by early European explorers the area now known as Nags Head had very high sand dunes visible from miles at sea. The current name probably came from folklore about land pirates! The story goes that mules or horses (nags) would have lights hung on their heads by pirate-like gangs on land in order to trick ships into running aground and then loot the ships of their valuables. Jockey's Ridge is the last vestige of the dunes, and the area became a resort town around 1830.

Today, Nags Head is known for hang gliding and kite flying near Jockey’s Ridge, as well as the general temperamental nature of the giant dune which shift positions over time. There are several piers, an aquarium, and other beach town attractions such as mini-golf and a boardwalk! Several sites are historic locations, including the lighthouse and inn.

Our poster embraces the beautiful sand and quiet life along the beach!

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