Hermosa Beach, CA

Brobot Rock

Hermosa Beach is a beautiful wide flat beach near Los Angeles, popular for beach volleyball, surfing, and paddle boarding. It is known for hosting tournaments and events throughout the year, including for the sports mentioned above as well as the informal "Hermosa Ironman" - which is a fun event held every July 4, consisting of running a mile in the sand, paddling a mile on a surfboard, finished up with downing a 6-pack of beer. It is a very small city only about 15 blocks east from the ocean and 40 blocks north to south.

One of the most beautiful parts of Hermosa Beach is The Strand, which is a path running along the beach from Torrance Beach in the south to Santa Monica in the north. Our poster is a beautiful representation of the wide beach filled with sunbathers, and a quick glimpse at a surfer. 

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